About Us

Creative Therapeutics Physical Therapy has provided services for 30 years at 2763 E. Shaw Ave, in Fresno California. We initially began as Bausman Morrison in 1986 with Sandra Bausman, PT and Nancy Morrison, PT. Etta Reynolds, PT joined us in April 1987 and the three of us have practiced together ever since.

We all began with a strong knowledge base in orthopedics and specialized in head and neck dysfunctions, especially Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorders. In 1995, we decided to reinvent ourselves in order to establish ourselves as a full-service orthopedic outpatient practice. As early as 1997, we began to look at the specialized area of Women's Health. Since that time, we have expanded our knowledge base and clinical experience into evaluating and treating pelvic pain and dysfunction as well as prenatal/postnatal disorders and osteoporosis.

Over the past 30 years, we have pursued extensive continuing education in the areas of Osteopathic manual therapy, craniosacral techniques, strain-counter strain and visceral manipulation as well as courses that advance our assessment skills and the ability to treat patients utilizing a variety of progressive manual skills.

Our Facility

Therapeutics Facility

We are not a large office; however we work efficiently, providing patients with a small gym area to learn their home exercise program. Our treatment rooms are private with doors that lock, offering a safe and confidential space. We utilize up-to-date medical equipment such as the "cold laser", pelvic floor EMG/electrical stimulation, shortwave diathermy and ultrasound. Our gym is equipped with a recumbent bike, treadmill, and Pilates Reformer as well as physioballs, foam rollers and resistive weights and theraband.