Our Staff

The staff here at Creative Therapeutics is made up of experienced Physical Therapists specializing in functional mobilization and manual therapy, craniosacral techniques, visceral manipulation, and much more. Though we come from a variety of backgrounds and education, we are all here to provide you with the highest quality of service and care.

Sandra Bausman, P.T.

Sandra is the co-owner of CTPT and brings a myriad of clinical experience to her treatment philosophies. She graduated from CSUF Physical Therapy Program in 1979 with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy. She earned her CAPP (Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy) in 2009, and her WCS board certification as a Women's Health Clinical Specialist in 2011. Her experience includes extensive training in the areas of pelvic pain and dysfunction, TMJ dysfunctions, myofascial dysfunctions and fibromyalgia, craniosacral and visceral mobilization, and soft tissue techniques. She has also taught at seminars and serves as a guest lecturer at CSU, Fresno. She has recently completed certification with the Integrative Pelvic Health Institute as a Women's Health Coach and will pursue National certification in 2017.

Nancy Larson, P.T.

Nancy graduated from CSU, Fresno in 1979 with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy. Her career has involved varied experiences from treating pediatric to geriatric patient populations for both neurologic and orthopedic dysfunctions. She has extensive experience in treating Fibromyalgia, MFPD and pre/postnatal patients. She earned her certification as a Women's Health Specialist in 2011, completing the APTA courses in the evaluation and treatment of pelvic dysfunctions for both men and women. She also uses cranio-sacral visceral mobilization and myofascial techniques along with individualized exercise programs to treat both chronic and acute symptoms. She has been a co-owner of Creative Therapeutics, Inc. for 30 years. Her experience includes extensive continuing education and experience in the area of head, neck and TMJ dysfunctions, speaking at conferences to the dental profession. This has led her to be a guest lecturer for the CSU, Fresno PT program for several years. Nancy enjoys teaching and mentoring and has served as the Clinical Coordinator for intern involvement at CTPT from several colleges and universities, and providing mentoring/training to these interns. The last few years have also led her to study Health Coaching and nutrition further and is near completion of a certification as a health coach. Nancy views physical therapy as a mission in her life and helping patients gives her fulfillment.

Kimberley Voelz, M.P.T., D.P.T.

Kimberley graduated with a master in Physical Therapy from CSU, Fresno in 1997 and received her doctorate at UCSF in 2014 and received training at the Institute of Physical Arts for functional manual therapy. She has 23 plus years of experience in a variety of settings including 16 years of acute care experience with an emphasis in neuromuscular treatment techniques. Additionally, she has in-patient rehab experience, trauma experience including trauma ICU, critical Care and cardiac critical care. Kim then transitioned into a neuromuscular clinic setting and was very honored to be chosen to lead a multidisciplinary team of allied health care professionals. She worked closely with physicians in the field of neurology to provide care for patients with neuromuscular diseases such as ALS, MS, and Parkinson’s, stroke, brain injury, muscular dystrophy and related pathologies.

Katinka Yepez

Katinka joined the CTPT team in 2013 bringing her expertise in medical billing and insurance. She now serves as the Practice Administrator, overseeing the billing process through our EMR program, as well as handling patient scheduling and front office duties. She gladly assists patients in their scheduling and billing needs, making her a vital part of our team.