"I would like to thank everyone at Creative Therapeutics for the continued quality care I have had in the 4 years I've been receiving treatment. Since brain surgery in 2003, I've dealt with problems in my neck, constant pain in my back and shoulders, headaches and migraines, nystagmus and TMJ. Through the constant work and training with Etta and the other therapists and staff, I've been able to resume a life with my children and grandchildren with less pain and suffering than I would have ever imagined. I feel like I'm getting my life back."

Jaimie B.

"Dear Etta,

I was flattered that you asked me to write a testimonial. I am thrilled to share the incredible difference physical therapy can make in a person's life. I have learned a new way to see the importance and esteemed value physical therapists are to the health care team. Keep up the good work. You do make a difference! I write this with a warm heart and good feelings. Thank you!

Creative Therapeutics changed my life. The entire staff worked together to facilitate my well being. Their interventions consistently assisted me in resolving triggers and improved posture. Wow, what a difference. I feel like I can do everything better. Thank you, Creative Therapeutics. You're the best!

Addendum: I wish I could remember everyone's name because each contributed to my therapy. Thank you one and all. Special thanks to Etta for her enlightenment and treasured magical touch. You taught me so much. Wendy, thank you for your professional warmness and welcomed feelings. Happy Physical Therapy Month! You can count on me to share with others your 'Creative Therapeutics'."

Debbie Jury, RN
Satisfied Client

"My association with Creative Therapeutics began in 2003. After having bad experiences with two other physical therapeutic centers a friend suggested I try Creative Therapeutics. What a difference and delight. The center is spotless, and tastefully decorated. The linens are snow white and clean. The staff is very professional and well trained. Yet, all have a warm personality and give personal attention to every patient.

My husband, an early Alzheimer victim, is receiving physical therapy at Creative Therapeutics. Recently, during an extremely difficult period (due to medication) he was given encouragement and understanding by all of the staff. Especially Etta Reynolds, RPT. Her professional knowledge, along with her charming demeanor, and skills are making it more enjoyable for him.

She spends extra time designing a special program for each patient and researches for new ideas to fit the special need of each one. At the same time she has given me emotional support and suggestions to help my husband at home.

I have only the highest praise for all of the staff at Creative Therapeutics as they help my husband and I in this difficult time."

Mrs. Byron P. Walker

"I am a 63-year-old lifetime surfer who had not been able to surf for 2 years. I finally decided to have a much needed total hip replacement. My entire goal was to be able to return to the activity that I love most of all. To my displeasure, my surgical result was not what I had hoped, and I was left with some neurological deficit and weakness in an important muscle group.

My primary therapist, Sandy Bausman, along with Nancy Morrison and Etta Reynolds used their vast combined experience, knowledge, and creativity, to treat me as a unique individual, providing much needed manual therapy, and importantly to me, designed a PT regimen that targeted, in a most specific way, strengthening everything I needed to in order to optimize my recovery.

This process has covered a grueling year of work in which I have also been closely guided by their incredible PT tech, John McCain, my constant teacher. The neuron problem still persists, but I am happy to report that one year later, nearly on the anniversary of my surgery, I very successfully returned to surfing, which was something that my orthopedist never thought would happen. To use an old surfer's word, I am so 'stoked' that I can hardly express my excitement. I continue to work in their independent gym program (still under John's tutelage).

I could not be more pleased, nor more grateful to this incredible team."

Ron Santigian

"I was devastated when I was diagnosed with pelvic muscle dysfunction by my doctor and mortified to learn what kind of physical therapy it required to heal. However, Nancy Morrison and the staff at Creative Therapeutics Physical Therapy were the most warm, professional and caring staff that I have ever had the privilege of working with. Not only did Nancy and her staff alleviate the chronic pain I was suffering, I have left their office feeling a renewed sense of faith in the medical profession."

K. Clark